Our Social Statement
Dear clients and partners,
We at Sanfab are proud to sustain and promote a wonderfully rich heritage of handicrafts. It has been our continuous aim to offer our clients a wide spectrum of beautiful products that bear the touch of some individualised hand work. To achieve this, we directly employ some of the most talented craftsmen and women that you will find anywhere in the world.

We try our best to do this in a way compatible with the delivery and commercial requirements of the ever changing and fiercely competitive world of international fashion. It is our belief however that this business model must incorporate fair social practices in terms of the terms and conditions of the workplace.

We strive therefore to always abide by the rules of ethical business practice. This is reflected in our costs and prices.

We ask for your understanding and support in this ongoing but necessary effort, so that we can continue to offer you the best products as competitively priced as possible, yet always incorporating the standards of ethical business practice